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Common Name:   Lavender

Latin Name:   Lavandula augustifolia

Annual/Perennial:   Perennial

Sun/Shade:   Sun, dry well-drained soil

Height/Width:   2-3 feet tall, 

Bloom Time:   Summer

Zone:   5-10

Parts of Plant Used:   leaves, stems, flowers

Medicinal Benefits:   mild sedative, mild depression, headache, nervous disorders, dieuretic, immune system, bones/joints/muscles, circulatory, first aid, suppository, nervous system, pain relief, insomnia, and skin.

Ways to Use:   infusion, tea, cream, essential oil, tonic, tincture, cider vinegar tincture, syrup, compress, poultice, ointment, syrup, honey, smell, crafts, sleep pillow, clothing drawers, insect repellent

Recipes:   Spirit of Lavender (in Common Herbs for Natural Health) – 2 TBS Dried lavender flowers, 1 grated nutmeg, 2 tsp cinnamon, 1 TBS sweet cecily leaves (if available). Pulverize all the ingredients and mix well together. Add a quart of pure grain alcohol. Place on counter or windowsill to steep. Shake once a day. Strain after 2-3 weeks and bottle. Apply on a cloth that has been wrung out in cold water. Apply to forehead for headache or fever. Apply to pulse points for fever. Add a couple of drops on a sugar cube and take for nervous ailment or depression.

Tea – 8 ounces of just under boiling water poured over 1 heaping tablespoon of dried flower tops, steep for 10 minutes, strain, drink 3-4 times a day.

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